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Buccaneers vs Steelers Live : Welcome To The Buccaneers and Steelers NFL Football 2019 Week 1 Friday NFL Game enjoy On YOUR PC TV MAC MOBILE AND ALL DEVICES , Also there are many ways for you to watch Live.


I think Bush is a fairly obvious inclusion on any list of things to look for in the very first preseason game. The Steelers took a very unSteelers-like approach to acquiring Bush when they traded three premium draft picks to the Broncos in-order to move up 10 spots in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Can Bush truly be that difference-maker at inside linebacker the defense has lacked since Ryan Shazier was lost with a devastating spinal injury late in the 2017 season? We won’t know that answer by Friday, and you can often read too much into a preseason performance. But let’s just say it wouldn’t hurt the moral of Steelers fans if Bush had a professional football debut on par with that of T.J. Watt, who recorded a couple of quarterback sacks against the Giants two summers ago.

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To challenge or not to challenge, that will be the dilemma for head coaches regarding any incomplete pass that does or does not result in a flag for pass interference in 2019. Following some egregious calls and non-calls that may have affected the results of a few very important games a season ago, the NFL decided to give its head coaches the right to challenge any incomplete pass that they feel should or shouldn’t have resulted in a pass interference penalty. Would a coach risk a challenge on such a play, especially early in a game? Coaches will still only have two challenges at their disposal, so it will be interesting to see how aggressive they are with this new rule. What I find really intriguing, however (and, quite frankly, a little alarming), is the prospect of every incomplete pass inside two minutes of each half now being ripe for automatic review. I don’t have to tell you how nerve-wracking that could be for fans, especially those whose favorite team’s defense just came up with a huge stop on fourth down late in the fourth quarter. Yikes.Thanks to some recent buzz, I know who Johnson is, he’s an undrafted guard from Florida. As for how he got to be so tall (6’7” to be exact)? That’s a question perhaps best answered after examining his family tree. I won’t be examining Johnson’s family tree, but I would like to watch him perform against the Buccaneers, especially since, according to the Trib’s Chris Adamski, he’s the only rookie offensive lineman that has gotten consistent second team reps at training camp—and at both guard and tackle. I must admit I’m a big believer in whatever it is the Steelers have been doing with their project-type offensive linemen—Chris Hubbard, B.J. Finney, Alejandro Villanueva, Matt Feiler, etc.—since Mike Munchak began coaching the hogs several years ago. Does Shaun Sarrett, Munchak’s understudy who took over the unit after the latter departed for Denver, have that same magic touch? If he does, maybe he’ll start by doing some great things with Johnson.

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